Taste, touch, smell, sight and sound are a direct line into how we make sense of the world around us. ​ Christmas is the most magical time to  experience the 5 senses.  In this 4 week workshop we will engage in Christmas themed activities and games to enhance the seasonal experience.  Each of these classes will focus on at least one of the five festive senses – sight, sound, touch, taste, or smell.  We will really get into the holiday spirit and have a great time in the process.  As well, there will be some surprises in store as we explore some SENSEational illusions that will surely amaze the kiddos. There will be a few things that parents will need to do to prepare for some of our sessions, but nothing that will cost much, or take up too much time. Hourly classes will take place each Wednesday, starting November 24th, at 6 PM MST.  A new class has just been added on Saturdays at 11 AM MST for those who can't make the Wednesday lessons. Lesson schedules:

(11/24/2021) OR (11/27/2021) Wk 1:   The Sounds of Christmas  

​(12/01/2021) OR (12/04/2021) Wk 2:   The  Sites of Christmas

(12/08/2021) OR (12/11/2021) Wk 3:   The Scents & Feels of Christmas 

(12/15/2021) OR (12/18/2021) Wk 4:    The Tastes of Christmas 

It is not necessary to enroll  in all four classes.  Kids are welcome to pop in for one or two. If you do enroll in all 4 session you will gain a free entry into the Triple Dog Dare You Christmas Party, which will be held later in December. 

Investment:  $35.00 CND per class or $100.00 CND for all four classes (purchasing all 4 sessions will give you free entry into the online Christmas party)