CLAIRvoyance, CLAIRaudience, CLAIRsentience, CLAIRcognizance, CLAIRsalience, CLAIRtangency, CLAIRtaction, CLAIRgustance, and the list goes on. This guided meditation is geared towards activating these types of psychic abilities.

We all know the story of Halloween. The tricks, the treats, the costumes, the delicious eccentricity.  Then there is the changing of the seasons and the honoring of the dead.  It is said that the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world is at its thinnest. Halloween, which goes by many other names, is a symbol, a dance that likes to cut a rug with the collective consciousness. On October 29th, let’s merge and mingle with that energy.  We will JOYFULLY shimmy up through the chakras and beyond. Activating our clair abilities, we will taste, touch, hear, see & know Halloween in a new and playful way.  Mantras will be used to enhance the experience.

For the sounding/mantra part, this is a non-performance experience. You will all be muted as we vocalize easy mantras. 

After the event we will have the option to share any insights that came to us.

I will be sending you an MP3 audio track before the event, so please be on the lookout for that and have it downloaded and ready to go before the event starts. 

Please note we will not physically be dancing, and this is not a costume party. (As much as I would like that, it is not everyone's thing.)  The vibe of this meditation will be entertaining. Ebbing and flowing with Halloween joy, this will be a lively way to kick off Halloweekend. 

This event is not just for intuitives, or the witch and famous. Anyone who is interested can attend.

October 29th,  7:00 – 8:15 pm  MST
Via Zoom (video or phone)

Investment: $11.11 - $22.22 CAD via Paypal or Etransfer