Introducing Kid’s Club YYC, Music, Mindfulness & More.  Kids can join at anytime. Seen below is a description of the weekly classes offered. For the online classes, we will incorporate the following class methods through games and team building  activities. 


Each week we will go on a new 45 minute musical adventure using real instruments! Your Mini-Me will learn the basics of music through musical games,  creative thinking and mindfulness-based activities . Plus we will use REAL instruments such as drums, guitar, bass and keys. We will explore all types of catchy music with styles ranging from rock to reggae. 

MUSIC CLUB (Ages 6-9 AND 10-12)

This includes 60 minute, weekly music classes. Your kids will channel their inner superstar and play real instruments; guitar, bass, drums, keys, percussion & vocals. ALL styles of music; rock, pop, R & B, etc.  Each week will be an action-packed musical adventure, where the kids will blast through team building exercises, play musical games and learn how to play as a real band. This class is fast-paced and very high energy! Yet, we will be integrating some mindfulness techniques to encourage and nurture extramusical skills (outside the scope of music pertaining to social and emotional) For example; sharing, cooperation, confidence, calmness and focus. After every 4 months of rehearsals we will have an online or live performance at the venue of our choice so that you, your friends and family can watch your children perform. We will even write and perform originals over several weeks.  Please note, as of now I have the main age group for Music Club as 6-12 years old. If there is interest, I can create a group for older kids. 


ROAR! 60 minute, weekly group vocal lessons. This class was a hit in Costa Rica and now it Calgary's turn to ROCK 'N ROAR! All styles of music; pop, rock, r&b, etc.  This high-energy class is designed for small-group and individual participation. In addition to forging friendships, channeling their inner superstar and singing their hearts out, your kids will have an adventurous time blasting through musical team building exercises. Mindfulness/extramusical activities will be introduced in every class to help the kids listen, breath, relax, focus and support one another. Along the way they will learn the basics of singing both as a group and as a solo singer.  We will have an online or live performance every 4 months at a selected venue for friends and family to enjoy. Maximum 6 kids per class.